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Why choose an All Safe Habitat?

At All Safe Habitats, our aim is to provide an ultra low cost, quick to build alternative to conventional builds that are costly, complex and slow.  We also use materials which are innovative, light-weight, eco-safe and available.

Choose from one of our designs which is closest to suit your needs.  Once ordered, we supply you with a quick to assemble habitat kit in pre-fab sections.  You can be at ‘lock-up’ stage within days if your site footings are ready.  You arrange the fitout and finishes yourself to make it bespoke and keep the cost right down.

We suppy all the drawings, forms and certifications for the materials we supply which meet AS/NZS standards.  All you need to arrange is a survey, soil test, private certifier and trades required.  We will provide you with concrete pier footing sizes to suit your soil conditions along with connections/tie downs to your habitat frame.

Fire Safe

Our Truecore steel frame and light weight concrete EPS wall panels are non-combustible and fire resistant.  They have been tested to withstand 1000 degrees for 4 hours without radiating any noxious fumes.

Cyclone Safe

For our structural frame, we use Australian made Truecore steel from BlueScope.  Our frame designed is engineered to meet cyclone standards and wind ratings.  Furthermore, they are 70% lighter than imber frames and will not warp, twist or rot.

Termite Safe

To set your mind at ease, both the structural steel frame and EPS wall cladding panels are fully termite resistant.  Traditional framing and cladding materials on a conventional build still require a chemical or physical barrier.

Wet Safe

Our panels are not reactive to moisture, nor are comprised by water leakage which can seriously damage traditional walling and cladding.  Furthermore, our panel joins do not leak so do not require any waterproof plastering.

Impact Safe

Our cement EPS core panels are strong but leight weight making them resistent to impact, pressure, movement and warping which are all undesirable characteristics of traditional materials.

Enviro Safe

Our fully insulated, energy saving ceiling, floor and wall panels are both energy and therefore eco-friendly.  Furthermore, the calcium silicate face board and cement sandwich panel core does not contain any harmful substances to humans or the enviroment.

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